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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Quilt Finished!

Sunday was my little friend Sophie's 2nd birthday party.  I had to miss out on the festivities because I was working but I sent my three sweetest reps to present Sophie with her present.  

I hope she loves snuggling with this sweet child - sized lap quilt!

Almost all of the fabrics used in the patchwork are upcycled.  Even the batting is a hodgepodge of large pieces left over from past projects. 

The watermelon pink block on the far left in the picture below came from a second hand skirt my daughter wore as a toddler.  Last year, for Sophie's first birthday, I made her a Third Street cloth doll using this fabric for the dress.  I was so pleased to find I had enough of this fabric left over from the doll to use some in Sophie's quilt - such a delightful little bonus.  

The bright blue floral print came from the lining of an Old Navy handbag that I had bought several years ago on a trip to Boston.  I bought this bag for a ridiculously low price and I think I only used it once or twice.  But I kept it - and I'm so glad I did. 

The dark red came from a second hand red linen dress shirt that I've used in a few different projects I've shared here and here.  The yellow floral block that is repeated throughout the quilt top came from a second hand dress my daughter wore that I also used for this Third Street turning point doll (very first doll made from an original Third Street Pattern).  The dark green pieces were taken from a second hand dress I wore for a long time but had to reluctantly surrender as its seams were under a great deal of undue strain...  The red floral print came from a piece of fabric I snagged from Frenchy's and very pale pink squares came from Mom - our number one upcycled fabric supply contact. 

Of the few new fabric pieces used for this top,  the majority were taken from our scrap pile.  Only about two or three blocks were actually cut from larger pieces of new fabric - once our upcycled and scrap stashes had been fully exploited.    

For the backing I used a new piece of cotton flannelette in baby blue with a puppy print - because Sophie loves dogs. 

Just like the sweetheart it was made for, this quilt is the harmonization of so many cherished parts.

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