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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sew... Delicious!! :: Third Street Salvage Yard

-Huge sewing night at Sonia's house tonight. We've had a break with Sonia's recent trip and adoption, but tonight we went at 'er full swing.

-A few dolls made it to their final stage of assembly and we made a big dent in the severed-limbs-stage with the dolls-in-bags pile.  If this sound gruesome, believe me - it is!!

-Two current orders are nearing completion.

-A new order for two RED SOX boy dolls.  Exciting!!

-Plans for Halloween and Christmas/Winter themed dolls in the works.

-Plans for a Sewing Machine Day sewing project tutorial (Sept 10th) - stay tuned!

-Oh, and I have to work on that giveaway I mentioned...

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