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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paradoxical Spring Slow Down

I'm very pleased to say that I've been experiencing a rather content and comfortable Spring.  After the busy couple of weeks (months?) we've had with spring craft shows, it's been nice to have a bit of a slow down.  We worked very hard since December to build up our inventory of dolls, toddler and baby bibs, binkies,  and tag balls and it's great to be able to slow it down a bit.  Sonia and I both work well under pressure but I must say, now that a little inventory pressure has lifted, I've felt the creative juices flowing anew.  The last two dolls I embroidered were so fun and challenging, I think largely due to the fact that I was free to work as the creative mood struck.   

Now that the shows are done we've been focusing our time and energy on our etsy shop, the Third Street Corner Store.  We currently have about half of our completed dolls listed.  This is the optimistic way of grading our progress.  We still have half of our completed dolls to list, all our baby/toddler bibs, binkies, and balls.  This is a lot of work!!  I've been chipping away at this process the last little bit and plan to make it more of a priority in the upcoming weeks. 

And I am happy to say that it's not for naught - since opening shop we've sold two dolls via etsy and attracted the attention of Love, Me Boutique's charming owner Chara who approached us a mere week after we opened shop wanting to sell our dolls in her Downtown Halifax store.  We made our first delivery a few days ago, so wish us luck! 

For more information on Love, Me please click on the button I've placed at the top of the page for a visit to the shop's great blog.  And if you are looking to purchase something unique and handmade in Canada, swing by the shop - you won't be disappointed.  Original artwork, glassware and pottery, clothing and accessories, children's section - they have everything.

But all work aside, I've been slowing down.  I actually had a long drawn-out bath the other night.  And instead of shaving my legs or dodging dinkies, I actually read.  A book!  My favorite book The Watch that Ends the Night by Canadian author Hugh MacLennan which I've been slowly savoring for about the tenth time.  Yes, seriously - I like to read good books multiple times.  I first read this book when I was 16 and actually wrote a paper on it for my 10th grade English class (I wonder if I still have that...)  I loved it so much that before I had children I used to read this book about once a year.  That's why My Sweetest bought me a new copy of the book for Christmas - I had warn out my second-hand hard cover copy.  This might actually be the first time I've read the book since my children came along, and my daughter is 4 - so when I say 'savor' I really mean it!  

The book takes place in Depression era Montreal in the years preceding and leading up to the second world war.  The story begins in then present day (~1950) spanning much of Canada and Europe, and weaves through the lives of the three main characters.  I will not say anymore - for now.  Having the obsessive personality that I do, I have been flagging some of my most favorite passages to share with you all once I've finished.  If you are interested in reading it, The Watch that Ends the Night (and other titles by MacLennan) is presently available for purchase in our Reader's Cafe which you can access by clicking the button located on our right sidebar. 

Read it - I know you'll love it.. You know, if you like that sort of thing...  Then we could discuss it!  If you like that sort of thing, too...

How is your spring going? 
What have you been doing to slow down? 
What have you been doing for you?


hatjunkie said...

It is so nice to slow down sometimes. I know what you mean about reading a book. I love to read and I find I'm just too distracted these days to read a novel. I love the subject matter of your recommendation. Maybe it's time to give it a shot. Probably good to think about other things other than our own problems for some portion of the day. Love the big sister doll.

Lyndsay said...

I love your little doll with the red flower, she's very pretty!


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