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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Curtains are Open

We were delighted when fellow blogger Colleen, from Curtains are Open, contacted us after discovering our blog at Nova Scotia Bloggers.  Her lovely blog is a lighthearted depiction of her life, impressions and growth as a mother and woman living here in Halifax.  Colleen has a great sense of humor that translates well into her writing - I think you'll enjoy her take. 

Rather taken with our dolls, Colleen was eager to do a feature piece on us and our work as Third Street Handcrafters.  After some correspondence, Colleen's Rags to Riches post went live yesterday.  It was a real "aw shucks" read for me as she was exceedingly kind in her praise.  Thanks Colleen! 

So hope on over to read her lovely post and leave a comment to show her some support.

1 comment:

Queen said...

Thanks for the lovely note! The dolls have truly captured my heart. I love discovering new and wonderful things! Thanks for sharing.


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