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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday Night Sewing

Original print date: Monday August 3, 2009 by Andrea for Vervain Designs

Sonia and I had an exciting night at the sewing table last night. After the usual preliminaries (ie roll call, tee hee) we got down to business. We finished the second of two doctor dolls we're doing for Christine (a resident here at work - I'm at work, BTW, on break...). This doll is a the surgeon with a scrub cap and surgical mask to boot! She's a very serious girl, hard at work in and out of the OR as she is responsible for the surgical ICU tonight, too. Her pager is a constant nusance. That is, when the batteries aren't dead. We also got the doll we're doing for my friend Joanna's little girl, Sophia, to the ready to embrioder stage. She'll be finished tonight.

All of these dolls are from our very own, brand new, origional design! We also have three new dolls cut (Depression era inspired - where thinking of calling them Holly Homespun, or Suzy Foodstamp, or Racheal Hasnomilk. It's pretty undecided rightnow, LOL) but we want to tweek the design a bit before assembling them, so they are in a bit of a waiting place for now. These dolls are for our upcoming craft fair, Vervain Fair in September (check out the link to our Facebook group) and working on them is soooo liberating because we have no restrictions or guidelines to follow as they are not intended for anyone specific. It will be interesting to see the end products.The very first completed doll from this new design left the table yesterday. She was given to her little girl, Sophie, for her first birthday! Crafted with recycled fabrics, she featured a frilled wrap around pink dress and prime little blue shoes. One of my favorite dolls we've done so far.

I'm sending good vibes to Sonia today as she has an important meeting booked for this morning followed by a trip to New Minus to pick up two of our dolls at Beautiful Creations for, yet again, Christine - who is awesome!!

I'm falling asleep here. Must be time to go back to work!

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