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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Parental Immersion Burnout

In our house we are presently entering into our quiet summer phase of the year.  As I described back in September, my husband works in the school system and enjoys summer vacation every year.  His vacation began on Friday, however I've already begun to see signs of parental immersion burnout. 

Let me explain.

Yesterday, I heard my husband talking in the other room.  The kids were upstairs so I asked him who he was talking to.
"Marty," he replied.
No one named Marty lives in our house.  We do not know anyone named Marty.  We live in a Martyless universe...
'Who?"  I asked.
"Marty told me I was crazy and I told him not to call me crazy," he replied in explanation.
From the other room I heard Chris Rock exclaim "you guys are crazy!"
It was at this point that I realize that while cleaning up the kid's toys, my husband has triggered the MacDonald's figurine of Marty, the zebra from Madagascar.
"Un-huh."  Makes perfect sense.
From the other room -
"And then I punched him in the face."
You know you need a break away from the kids when you start having conversations .... and confrontations .... with their 'talking' toys. 

I think this summer may call for a Mommy and Daddy get-away.


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