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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cupcakes Anyone?

As we all know, Sonia is heading to China in a couple of weeks to meet and bring home her little Aster.  Our family and friends have awaited this day for a very long time and it's almost surreal to think that it is actually happening.  

Last weekend, my Mom, our good friend Katharine, and I hosted a baby shower for Sonia to help her and her husband prepare for impending parenthood and  their upcoming trip, as well as to share in the joy.  Sonia wanted to have a small and intimate tea party - so that's just what we did!!  Unfortunately I don't have a picture to share - sorry!!  The stress of hosting a party got to me and I neglected to take a single picture.  I know - I'm a loser.

We enjoyed a great afternoon - friends and family, tea and sweets - amidst gorgeous flower arrangements complements of our lovely friend, Katharine.  And in honour of the celebration, my house was spotless (thanks Mom!) - truly making this a monumental occasion.

Brilliantly in sync with our tea party theme, Katharine and I made these delicious felted wool cupcake pincushions for all of the guests.  I don't care if your pallet routinely revolts against cupcakes, these little yummies were simply irresistible.  

You can learn how to make these very easy little sweets by visiting the infamous Betz White author of Warm Fuzzies

I also made a special wall hanging for my new niece's room featuring yoyos, applique, and hand embroidery, a few vintage buttons and some buttons made by yours truly...

... which I will be discussing in greater detail in a later post.  So as always, stay tuned!!


Lyndsay said...

Your wall hanging is adorable!
Very sweet!

Andrea on Third Street said...

Thanks Lyndsay! It was so much fun to make, but hard to keep secret from Sonia.


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