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Monday, June 28, 2010

Together in the Merde

It's raining out.  

The kind of rain the quickly reconfirms that you desperately need to replace your no-longer-water-resistant raincoat. 
Heavy enough to make you worry about loved ones who are out driving. 
Or potential damage to your outdoor plants. 
Not the kind of rain that you can enjoy - definitely too cold.    Bouncing.  Bone chilling. 
Another reminder that your gutters need to be cleaned. 

The sort of soul-dampening weather that makes you hesitant to do even the most mundane of chores - like 'starting' the laundry - because it defies logic that clothes could dry on such a wet day - even in an electric dryer. 

Yes, that kind of day.  

A good time to start a new book.  Not a good time for starting a less than captivating book - an endeavour guaranteed to result in the sort of boredom that can only be relieved by an unexpected afternoon nap.  That will likely be hindered by the deafening rain-racket.  Why did you even try to read in the first place - the rain is too damned loud!! 

A couple of days ago it was sunny and warm.  
My kind of nice: jeans and a top, gentle breeze, not-too-hot sunshine.

Daydream weather.  Strolling.  Smiling at strangers.  Holding hands.  Breathing it all in. 

Stopping to smell the peonies.

This too shall pass.

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