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Sunday, September 20, 2009

In September, when the rain comes

Original Print date: Sunday, September 6, 2009 by Andrea for Vervain Designs

Things have been pretty busy for me this past month -working like crazy with terrible hours at work, cottage trip with a tropical storm, and of course sewing like a mad person trying to get ready for Vervain Fair - and I'm welcoming September with open arms. Since Julia was born Shawn has been working in the school system; the start of September is usually a time of readjustment in our household as Shawn settles back into work after summer vacation and we brave the ensuing Daddy withdrawl.  So for the past few years I've been taking a few weeks vacation at the start of the month to wind down from the business of the summer and to help ease the adjustments at home. Plus, I absolutely love September weather!  Even when the rain comes... (I love Rickie Lee Jones).

This year of course is different for us. Since the arrival of Dylan in December and my return to work in May, Shawn continues into the fall with his parental leave. So September is a different beast for us this year - I start my vacation tomorrow- 2 weeks! - and this year I get to share it with Shawn and the kids. Plus Sonia and mine's little sister Amy is coming home from Alberta for a visit. Yay! She arrives Thursday night, so the whole crew will be storming the airport to welcome her and her boyfriend, Chris. Ames has been away for 3 and a half years and none of our family have seen her since she left, so this will be very exciting. Plus - again, there's more - Dad's 60th birthday is coming up on Monday so there's a big get-together planned for Saturday night - after our Craft Show. Hopefully I fare better with the 60th than I did with the 50th, but that's a whole other story...

I think I might need another vacation the begining of October to settle out from the business of September....

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