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Friday, June 18, 2010

Reasons today is a great day to mow the lawn

I have a big yard, a push mower that is not self propelled, my husband's away and the grass is out of control.  It's all up to me.  Truth be told I love mowing the lawn, the smells. the tunes in my ipod, the watermelon scented bug spray... it's a zen experience.
I felt inspired to write a top five list, top five reasons today's a great day to mow the lawn.
1. I longed for the intoxicating scent of fresh mowed grass, sweat and sunscreen accented with an after note of watermelon scented bug spray.

2. There are blossoms and buds everywhere.  Rhodendrums are in full bloom, the rose bush is full of buds and my yard in lined with blossoming raspberry and strawberry bushes.

3. A purolator truck pulled up my driveway, always a good thing.  Is it bad that I wanted to have the driver in for some lemonade?    
4. During one of my mowing breaks I was listening to my favorite local radio station and they played my favorite Pearl Jam song, I love when that happens.

5. It's done for another week and for a couple of days I get to admire the mower lines across the lawn.

What fantastic things are you doing today?


Queen said...

Where on earth do you get watermelon scented bug spray?

Sonia at The Third Street Studio said...

It's one of the "off" family ones. I think it's for children, but I don't care.


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