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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Third Street Modern Monsters Online Debut Party

We've mentioned our monsters before but I realized that we haven't shown many of them. So I thought it was about time I made some introductions.  You know, so we can all mingle awkwardly amongst ourselves, having already forgotten one another's names while enjoying a caviar garnished appetizer.  Oh yeah, on Third Street, we go big on snacks.  

Understand that this is a special event.  Our monsters tend to hang out exclusively on Third Street where they enjoy the limitless wonders of the imaginary world that Sonia and I are working so hard to create.  A lively place, where the weather is always sunny and a balmy 28 degrees, and swimming trunks are only required while biking. Their only real excursions (well, prior to Ludwig's adoption into the home of Walter and Katharine/aka anonymous, where Freed secretly visits him in the early morning hours) have been to a few craft shows where Sonia and I have shown our work.  Modern Monsters are very loyal and supportive friends.

So without further ado I present :

The Third Street Modern Monsters


Freed is a smooth talking disco hero who doesn't dance.  Trust us, it's a long story and he's still a little sore on the subject. 

He pulls his look off so well we think he's actually undercover. Cops love to disguise themselves as circa 1970s pimps, you know. Narc, perhaps?
Freed will soon be taking up residence (until he sells, that is!) in our shop.  As soon as Sonia sends me that information that I requested.  Like a month ago.  Sheesh!


Ludwig is a monster who strives on a daily basis to overcome 'monster' stereotypes. He is polite, has good manners, and a day job. He wants a Blackberry for Christmas to complete his corporate image. Ludwig lives with his friends Walter and Katharine and acts as their administrative assistant.  He's hoping to save enough money to pay for braces to correct is monster esque overbite.


Lulu was our first girl monster, made following an excursion to Atlantic Fabrics that resulted in our acquisition of alternate stuffing materials and a great deal of disorientation on my part (as the above link details).  This Modern Monster is all flowers and frills, an irresistible feature in the eyes of many little girls, including my princess/monster/ninja adoring 3 year old daughter.

Iziabella Annalee

How adorable is she?? 
I mean seriously?
Sonia and I veered on our fabric choices for this little girl leading to her evolution into a monster of the most darling proportions.  Izzy's stay with us was very short - she was snapped up at our Vervain Fair in September in a heartbeat by my friend Claudia who was gifting her to a friend's daughter living in Switzerland. 
I never get tired of talking about that, I feel excited about this and justifiably entitled to some bragging rights.  Claudia was hoping to offer me some pictures of the little girl playing with her monster, but that did not come to fruition, much to mine and Claudia's dismay.   

Well, that's all for today, my most beloved readers.  While we do have a few more Modern Monsters hanging around her somewhere, their debut will have to wait for another awkward party.  The cheese on the snack tray is beginning to turn and all of our quests have run out of things to say about the weather.  Plus, someone's deodorant is not responding (as advertised) to their body's malodorous response to social pressures.  It's only an online party, sheesh!

So stuff some appies into your bag and skedaddle.    
Thanks for coming!

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Christina Silverio said...

Love your blog and your wonderful dolls! I have to say, Ludwig is my favorite. :)
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Ludwig is a joy to live with too! So polite and unassuming. :)
We are soooo happy we adopted him.

Katharine(aka anonymous)

Kelley said...

they are all just so cute.... I love the colors =)

Jessica Hills said...

Those are adorable. Come stop by my Favorite Things Friday Party if you would like to join in!


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