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Demetri Martin

Friday, March 12, 2010

Staying Organized

I thought some of you might enjoy this list that Shelagh posted over at Alice in Paris loves Art and Tea

If only I could do all of these things, and not have to follow behind my lovely children and do them again, and again, all day long. Oh well, having fun with my kids is way more enjoyable, anyway.  I do try to do some of these things in the evening after the youngsters are in bed, but I often skip past the mess and clutter to my little red lap top to spend a little time with all of you, instead of tidying up. 

And as we all know, a little time often turns into the entire evening. 


Meg said...

oh organizing... it gets to a point sometimes that i feel i'm just tidying the same mess over and over. i don't remember making the mess again, but it's there faithfully every week!

Andrea on Third Street said...

Yup. You are living in my world, Meg. It`s almost like clutter is a decor theme in our house. At least it`s colourful.


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