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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Craft Fair Mayhem

Well, another Vervain Fair has come and gone. This year we had lots of fabulous vendors hosting an array of arts, crafts, and delectables. We had a busy morning and afternoon with the typical noontime lull, which was fine as the Church's catering group was on the ticket for lunch. Homemade soup and sandwiches were enjoyed by many, followed by delicious tea by Steeped and some truely decadent cupcakes by Tara Boddy.

A few of our blogger friends were there to share in the event: snazz's beautiful fashions and accessories and Perry Dyke, who's photos summons to contest the very nature of visual aesthetics.  And we were pleased to have Ashton from The Jumping Crow join us again this year.  Other exhibits included sea glass jewlery by Seaside Treasures, oil and water colour paintings by Elaine Jensen, and jewlery by Sherri Ogden

We were delighted to see that many members of our Facebook group came to the show and that they took advantage of the free door prize voucher that was available via the group.  Once again, thank you all for your support!

Mostely it was great to see old friends and to spend time with people from our craft community!

Now for a few pictures...

Our table at the Vervain Fair with me scrambling to finish something ... before the people start arriving.  A girl's work is never done!

These are a couple of dolls we made special for the show.  The little alien girl was purchased by my friend and co-worker Claudia, and is currently making her way to Switzerland to her very own little girl!

And these are the sleds that Sonia and our father made for the show.  Aren't the gorgeous?  Only a few are left but we will have more for the upcoming Halifax Crafters show in December.

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