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Monday, March 8, 2010

Jaxin's Thai Doll

 We recently finished this little guy for a friend's son, Jaxin.  Jaxin's mom grew up next door to us and her mother was my Brownie leader.  
Jaxin is a beautiful little boy who came to his family from Thailand in the fall of last year. 
Needless to say, it was a real delight making this doll for Nichole's little boy.

Like Jaxin, Thai likes to wear overalls.  His hand-me-down work shirt is one of his favorites because it's just like the work shirts his Papa Manny wears around the yard and in his workshop.

Before giving the doll to Nichole (which was intended as an Easter gift, but was given to Jaxin on the drive home by his super excited Mom!) I embroidered a few cross stitches for the strap fasteners and over the hips to signify the overalls side closures.  This little detail made a really nice finishing touch, but unfortunately, I took these pictures before adding the stitches. 
Silly me.

Jaxon reputably loves his new BFF (Buffalo Firefighter), whom he tenderly named

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Lyndsay said...

I love this little guy! The overalls are ADORABLE!

Andrea on Third Street said...

Thanks, Lyndsay!

Lori said...

This doll is super cute. I'm glad Jaxon really likes it. What a sweet friend you are!

Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. Please join me next week for another great party.



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