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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Atrocities Revisited

I tried desperately this morning to find an excuse for the toothbrush faux pas revealed in last night's post. Surely I'm not to blame personally!?

While attending to my morning deeds, I discovered that hubby's downstairs toothbrush is also orange and tried to make a case that colour confusion is to blame for my err, what with an orange toothbrush upstairs AND downstairs.

But if anything I wrote in last night's post made any sense, you too are realizing that this makes no sense. Make sense? Didn't think so.

None of my toothbrushes are orange. So why do I continually reach for the orange tooth brush? Surely it's not that much more appealing than my "slouching" red one?

Deep breath.

I have issues, people - least of which is my need for a new toothbrush. The only reasonable excuse for my behaviour is a tendency toward disrespect and reckless endangerment. Self control and discipline are apparently severely lacking in my character and I wonder how much of this toothbrush lunacy is actually a cry for help with regards to my perpetual state of disorientation.

Laugh if you must. 

But think about this:
Does someone in your life have an affinity for you personal hygiene equipment? It may not stop at toothbrushes, you know. People have been known to do disgusting things and I would hate for you to be put at risk by the inconsiderate behavious of other people, much like my husband.

This concern for your well being is, of course, the whole premise of my word to the wise self-exposing proclamation.

It has nothing to do with my many issues.

Nonetheless, fear for me people for it is I who is suffering.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your husband may be the least of your worries. Do you have pets? My cat used to lick my toothbrush until I discovered it and put the toothbrush in the medicine cabinet. Ewwww! Cats use their tongues for toilet paper, you know.

Andrea on Third Street said...

LOL! Eeew! My husband's got it good.


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