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Demetri Martin

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A little behind

Piles, bags of stuff, some else's TV, various sizes of hand-me-down baby clothes, remanence of forgotten projects and likely a healthy layer of dust.  This is the contents of my sewing room, a forgotten space, some where in there is my lovely sewing machine, fancy notions, and our doll pattern.  I did take a picture, however on second thought was too embarrassed to share it.  It's a nasty mess in there.

Instead I thought I'd share some photo's of our first Chinese New Year Celebration.  In early February the Nova Scotia Chapter of the Families with Children from China hosted the Celebration in Halifax at St Mary's University.  In anticipation of this party, while we were in China we picked up special matching dresses for Dream Girl and her cousin (Andrea's sweetheart) to wear. We had a fantastic day and the girls looked beautiful.

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