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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back To School Girls

It's getting to be that time of year again. 
Are you like me and still get the faintest of knots in your belly when 'Back to School' approaches?

I love school supplies.
In fact, it is a challenge for me to visit a Staples store and leave without a new pen.  And a scribbler.  I'm still waiting for my bouquet of sharpened pencils...  Remember the old Hilroy exercise books - the ones with the big black circle?  Ah, nostalgia.

Why do people always give grading presents?  Shouldn't kids get presents for going back to school? Isn't that the part that should be celebrated and encouraged?

Colleen over at Curtains are Open is having a special Back to School season this year, with her eldest daughter heading off to university.  In an effort to assist her daughters with the impending separation, Colleen asked Sonia and I to make each daughter a doll reflective of their gorgeous images. 
Here are the sweet results, a Big Sister and Little Sister, freckles and all ...


I hope these two little sweeties help with the transition happening over at Colleen's.  I'm sure everyone there has bellies that are filled with more than a few knots. 

Good luck!!
... especially to Mom ...

1 comment:

Queen said...

Thanks SO MUCH Andrea and Sonia. The girls got their dolls last night and really love them. My little one was even thinking I should get one made to look like me!!! Thanks for everything... it's kind of busy around here with the big move coming! (I'm a little more than FREAKED OUT!)


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