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Demetri Martin

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why I Don't Like Water Slides

"When I'm on them I feel like everyone is watching me."
Not my words, but those of fellow Etsian Amy, of The Peach Tree.

We wanted to send out a special thank you to Amy for featuring our Cloth Doll with Cat Eye Glasses in her Why I Don't Like Water Slides treasury.  This is an awesome analogy treasury made up of watching eyes a la etsy-esque voyeurism. 
I love it!!

Pop by and go clickety-click to help a girl out. Sorry, forgot I was speaking 'Andrea.' What I mean is go to the treasury and click on all the listings to boost our number of views - you may find something that you love and wee little Etsy shop owners may make it to the front page. And yes, that would mean another blog post telling you all about that, too.

Don't pretend you don't like hearing from me....

And, yes.  I love you, too. 

Even though you probably won't do that clickety-click thing I wanted you to do so much.  I'm just that kind of girl ... XOXO


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