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Demetri Martin

Monday, July 5, 2010

Looking for Something to Do?

Since starting our blog we've tried to contribute best we can to the sharing spirit of online crafters by recording and posting projects that we've completed. Wanting to collect these projects together, we've designed a page to serve as inspiration for fellow crafters and enthusiasts. We've also included some great recipes you can make to take on your crafting adventures.  You can now access the page in or Stay Awile pages (top of sidebar) or by clicking on this Projects picture on the sidebar.


My Favorite Banana Loaf
Awesome Chai Tea Syrup
Mothers Day Gift Idea
You Are My Sunshine Embroidery
Doll Sized Crazy Quilt

I hope to add new projects and tutorials as they come to be. So in case you miss it - check back often!

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