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Sunday, June 6, 2010

~~ Wonder Chocolate ~~

And on a lighter note, Hershey's Chocolate has announced their development of Wonder Chocolate, a completely calorie free chocolate substitute. Derived after extensive research involving the digestibility of nylon, Hershey's new chocolate has been found to lower cholesterol, reduce wrinkles, aid digestion and also seconds as a great shoe polish.  Woman's World has termed the new treat as the 'miracle food' of 2010. 

Chocloteers at Hershey's have assured the public that Wonder Chocolate is a healthy alternative to the diet-demising and crave-inducing chocolate of the past and state that it is completely nut-free, as it has had absolutely no contact with nuts of any sort.

Expected to enter the Canadian market in the fall, Canadian chocolate lovers will get to decide if Wonder Chocolate is in fact 'better than sex' or just an uninterested, overly made-up, one-night-stand with a runner in her pantyhose.

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