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Friday, June 4, 2010

What a day for a day sail

Five thirty am comes early on your day off.  But today wasn't an ordinary day, today I went sailing out the Halifax harbour and off the coast of Nova Scotia. 

It was a foggy morning in Halifax as we left home to drive to the dock yards. The closer we got to the water the foggier it seemed to get. We picked up our friend Katharine (aka anonymous) and made our way to the ship.  My husband is a sailor in the Canadian Navy, and today his ship had a special friends and family cruise.

The fog didn't seem to spoil the day though, the ships company had planned demonstrations, exercises and tours.  During the sail nothing was off limits, we got to see it all in action.  The ship's company demonstrated a few maneuvers, that I'm still not sure I was brave enough to experience.  But alas, I am here to tell the story so it wasn't that bad. 

I tried to experience all I could, even though I'm a huge chicken.  We lived on the edge of the flight deck during a figure eight exercise where they took the ship from stop to full speed in the fastest time possible, then did "rolls" so the ship was on a 30 degree angle and did a full formed figure eight.  It was amazing, I was terrified the whole time. My next authentic experience was "a nooner", we ate lunch a little early and Katharine and I experienced a common practice for a sailor (well my husband anyway) we had naps in two of the racks in my husbands mess.  It was like being rocked to sleep.

When we got up from our nooner, the fog had lifted to reveal beautiful blue skies, we were on our way back in to Halifax harbour.
A fantastic day!


Andrea on Third Street said...

Wow, sounds like so much fun!! Beautiful pictures, Son!

Anonymous said...

It was a fabulous day!!!

Anonymous(aka Katharine)


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