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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exit...Stage Left

My Gorgeous loves to dance and sing - basically anything dramatic.  She often performs rock star shows for us with her pink guitar.  She begins by going into the kitchen to 'get ready'.  She then enters the living room wearing something unexpected...

She always welcomes everyone to the show - a process that involves mumbling incoherent words followed by laughing as though someone has told a funny joke.  She routinely introduces herself as Calissa.  Just so you know, this is not her real name.  I guess it's her stage name.  After pulling out one of the speaker stands belonging to our entertainment system - for a mic - she begins her show. 

Her play list consists of Pink's "So What" and a few songs of her own that she likes to throw randomly into the mix, accompanied by sporadic inside-joke laughter.  Enthusiastic applause - ahem - then follows, for which she is always humbly appreciative. 

'Calissa' has been taking dance classes since January. In two weeks she has her first recital which we are very much anticipating.

She looks so sweet in her purple body suit, tutu and pink stockings.  So sweet in fact, that Sonia and I were inspired to capture the gorgeous little girl physique in a collection on dolls. 

Third Street Tiny Dancer Dolls


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Sonia at The Third Street Studio said...

I love how she wears her guitar stap!! She's one cool kid.

Stephanie Lynn said...

Your dolls are simply fabulous. I just adore this line - super cute! Fantastic work! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are having a fabulous week! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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