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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Sweet Little Valentine's Treat

Warning : The following post may be a little sickeningly sweet and smothered in an air of gloating.  Consider yourself forewarned.  I apologize in advance.  


I got a new toy today.  After depositing the youngsters onto their grandparent's for a fun-filled Saturday visit and sleepover (thanks guys!!), My Sweet and I went out to do a little shopping, kiddie-free.  Mostly this means that we get to look at things we want to see, not just toys and enticing cakes in the bakery.

We eventually found ourselves at Future Shop for a little perusing.  I've been wanting a laptop for a little while now, and it took delightfully little prompting to convince My Sweetest that acquiring a new laptop would be in our best interest.  A man who needed little coaxing to spend money on electronics.  Shocking, I know.   

So here I am, home with my very own new Sony Vaio laptop.  It's RED - you know, for Valentine's day.  And shiny.  It probably tastes like chocolate, too, but I haven't investigated that part of it's features quite yet.  Mostly I've been sending My Sweetest silly notes on Facebook while he sits ten feet away on our home computer.  I asked if he was up for a little bit more cyber fun but he said he had a virtual headache.  Darn.

I know, I'm pathetic and not even a little bit funny.  But please don't mind my gloating, I rarely get a toy of my very own, and I'm very excited about this one! 

Yay for me!

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hatjunkie said...

Enjoy your new toy. I'm a sucker for anything red.


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