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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Abundant Ground Foundation - Haiti Orphanage - Active Doll Drive

Sarah Hanson, over at Dolly Donations is hosting a dolly donation drive in partnership with The Abundant Ground Foundation to raise dolls for the 181 orphaned Haitian children, aged birth to 12 years, living in their orphanage in Haiti. 

The dolls are due in The Abundant Ground`s New York office by March 31st for shipment to Haiti.  Please refer to Sarah`s post for all of the details.   

Sarah even includes a free doll pattern and video tutorial on her site for anyone who wants to make a doll to donate but is not familiar with doll making.

We encourage anyone in the Halifax area interested in participating to contact us in advance so we can arrange for combined shipping to New York.  

So, let`s all get sewing!
We want to see an abundance of severed doll limbs lying around awaiting assembly!

If the number of dolls received by The Abundant Ground Foundation is in excess to the number of children housed at the orphanage, the Foundation will see that the extra dolls are distributed to the children of the surrounding area who have nothing to call their own.


Sarah said...

Abundance of severed doll limbs – classic!!! Well you just put a smile on my face this morning .....

Thanks so much for wanting to join in the fun! We are hoping to make over 181 so the local children (who have nothing either) will have the excess.

I will add your blog to my Thank You Blog list!!! (and follow u ;) ) You’re both stars for spreading the word! More people know, more dollies the children get (hopefully!!)

Drop by any time, Happy Sewing!

snazz said...

I am definitely interested in doing this! I have downloaded all the info and am excited to get started. Let me know when you are planning to send the little lovelies off!

Andrea on Third Street said...

That's so great, Michelle! Sonia and I are making two dolls, a boy and a girl - we started last night. Plus, our friend Katharine is also making a doll. I'm very pleased! I'll let you know when we're getting ready to ship the package (probably around the middle of March). Thanks so much for joining in!


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