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Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Fair ~~~~~~~ Finally !!!

December 5th and 6th were the much anticipated Halifax Crafters Winter Fair. This was our first two day event and the first show we've done since our transition from Vervain Designs to Third Street Handcrafters. Can I tell ya? We had an absolute blast!

The show ran from 11 to 5 Saturday and Sunday and was bustling with enthusiastic shoppers the entire time. The show featured 70 vendors specializing in handmade goods ranging from pottery to clothing design; we were honoured to be featured along side many talented artisans.

We've been working since October to prepare for the show, but Saturday evening we trialed long into the night to replenish much of our depleted inventory as a result of mucho sales during the first day of the show.

The remaining dolls at the end of Saturday.

Dolls and tag binkies were on the agenda, and after much work, little sleep, a wee snowfall, and a dash of caffeine we arrived back to the show Sunday morning with our table stocked anew. The drive in was slushy but our foggy, tired eyes got us there unfazed. Luckily the weather did not deter the shoppers, and we were quickly thrust back into the midst of holiday shopping.

This is our new little friend Ruby checking out our dolls. Isn't she a doll ??

Part of our display on Sunday.

As our replenishing marathon suggests, our dolls were very well received at the show. Over the course of the two days we sold a record 17 dolls!! The response of the shoppers - and many of our fellow vendors - was invigorating. We absolutely love the processes involved in creating the dolls - from designing the patterns, selecting materials and accessories to generate varying effects, to creating back stories for the dolls. Seeing everything we've worked on come together into a final product that is met with such enthusiasm is a rush, to say the least.
Here are some of the dolls we made for the show. Many of these girls weren't actually with us for very long and I'm happy to say that we caught most of them on film before they left us to go with their new friends.

Secretary / aspiring actress. She takes her day job very seriously (sensible shoes) but is always looking her best - she can never be sure when she might be discovered or offered a deal she can't refuse....

This little girl sporting a new hair style is on her way West to a very special girl.


Dylan. In his jeans and hand-me-down shirt. And shaggy hair.

One of our favorites. We picked out the fabrics in her dress ages ago and have been eager to make a doll with it ever since. Her shawl and shoes are made from an up-cycled red wool jacket.

We failed to get a picture of the blonde on the far right before she got snatched. This is sad because she was one of my favorites.

Felted wool dress from an up-cycled jacket accented with a whimsical hand embroidered butterfly (free style).

Our second girl with a hat. Look close, it's there. Only picture of this little delight as she was claimed before the doors to the show ever opened. Dig the faux patent leather shoes !!

Our first girl with kaleidoscopy eyes.

Dylan's girl. It was love at first sight.

a la Mrs Roper.

Our crowning achievement. Don't ask...

Second kaleidoscopy girl. We made every piece of this girl with a different fabric. Very sweet.

And it was with a mix of sadness and cheer that we parted company with the marvelous monster Ludwig. Ludwig is a monster who strives every day to overcome 'monster' stereotypes. He is polite, has good manners, and a day job. He wants a Blackberry for Christmas to complete his corporate image. Ludwig lives with his friends Walter and Katharine and acts as their administrative assistant. In his last email correspondence, Ludwig let us know that he has an orthodontist appointment arranged for January to correct his monster snarl. Walter and Katharine have dubbed him
Ludwig von Gracenstein .

Our thanks to everyone who came out !!

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