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Monday, October 26, 2009

Third Street Salvage Yard :: Sensible Shoes

We love to make dolls. Andrea and I have been sewing together for a few years and nothing has brought us joy like that of making dolls. We love every part of the process, from selecting the fabrics and assembly, to giving them their personalities, and seeing people's response to them at shows and from pictures.

Just like little girls, every one of our dolls are unique and come with their own personality.

In addition to a few custom orders, we've started on a new batch of dolls, to prepare for the Halifax Crafters December Market, which we are participating in on December 5 & 6th. Often times during the process of making our dolls, they develop a "back story". A history or a glimpse into their lives. Some back stories are simple, like they enjoy playing dress up or have tea parties, and some back stories are complex and develop according to our inspirations and imaginations.

These lovely girls are sisters and started out when we began creating war bride/Sally Ann inspired dolls. The big sister in the red had, though she may look all grown up with her fancy clothes and polished nails is still very much a little girl. Her little sister wants to be just like her. She is wearing burgundy shoes, inspired by the song by Patti Griffin. These two girls are now living in Toronto.

This young lady is a waitress and part time model. Inspired by the song "Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" by Flight of the Conchourds. She is now living with a crafter friend who collects hand made dolls.

In the batch we're working on now we have a fashionesta, inspired and being made especially for our cousin Jah Sara, and a secretary/aspiring actress who takes her day job very seriously and wears sensible shoes.


Tawny said...

I bought both sisters with the intent of sharing them with my friends - or their daughters. The older sister went to my friend Catherine, who is a Toronto artist. The younger sister was supposed to go to a 5 yr old on Christmas, except that I can't seem to part with her - so she's staying here with me. Catherine and I talked about us both keeping the sisters (she originally thought she'd also be a gift) and it seemed very appropriate that they stayed with us because we're both maritime girls :).

We're still trying to come up with names for them - Catherine might contact you about the possibility of custom ordering another doll - a third sister - in which case I will suggest we name them after the Bronte sisters - Charlotte, Emily and Anne :).

Andrea on Third Street said...

That's a great idea!! (Nudge, nudge).

It's so nice to hear that people love our things as much as we do. We put so much into them, it's hard to let them go! But hearing all this from you, Tawny, makes me feel good.

Catherine C said...

Hey there! Thank you for the doll I love her! I would love to have another 'sister' doll. Would love to talk with you about another doll. My sister lives in Fall River area- I will tell her about your art!

Sonia at The Third Street Studio said...

Tawny it was so great to see you and we are so pleased you love our dolls as much as we do! The sisters are very special to us, we're delighted their legacy will live on!

Catherine, we would love to make you another "sister". Please send us an email at and we can make it happen!


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