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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sublime Undershirt

A little while back I had gotten Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching from the library.  I absolutely love her alternative take on hand embroidery. 

Her designs are very hip and modern and she is often credited for making embroidery cool again by the many authors who feature her and her work in their own publications (i.e Handmade Nation by Faythe Levine and Cortney Heimerl).

Ever since falling in love with hand embroidery and discovering Jenny Hart, I've been eager to try my hand (hee hee) at some of her patterns.  But truth be told, I'm a very busy girl (full time job, mommy, small business owner, blah, blah).  Plus I have a business partner who is especially talented at cracking the whip and 'helping' me channel my creativity (aka stay on task). 

Oh - hi Son.  Didn't think you'd be reading this one..
Anyways... back on task.

After a second trip to Chapters I decided that walking around with Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching Craft Pad  was not the same as actually owning it, and that I couldn't actually use it until I purchase it and made it my very own.  And so it happened that I bought a book - a strange phenomenon for me that I previously examined here

So today I took a few minutes to try things out.  I chose a couple of small astrological transfers and gave one of Dylan's undershirts a little umph.  Turns out I had very few plain, solid coloured shirts belonging to either child to choose from, hence the undershirt.  Regardless, the result was very satisfying.

And if that's not cute enough, check out my gorgeous little guy showing it off.

It was fun and quick and satisfying.  And it lasted about two hours - until supper when it got smeared with apricots.  You just gotta laugh!

You can see more of my adventures in hand embroidery on our flickr group, including a picture I'm working on for my friend Sherri's little guy. 

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