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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Card-Carrying Library Card Carrier

Original Print Date: Tuesday August 11, 2009 by Andrea

I picked up the first of my numerous library requests from my fanatical library request extravaganza the other night (see "In Quotations" post). I'm psyched to start Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol, but how will I ever escape the ever-so captivating trials of Bella in the Twilight Series to be able to devote myself to this new book? Seriously, I'm a few chapters into Breaking Dawn and I'm not entirely sure when I'll be able to sleep again. I figure if I read nonstop, I may be free to sleep again sometime tomorrow afternoon. I've got to finish it soon - Bella is really starting to impeed upon my other life obsessions - aside from sleeping... (sewing, embroidering, interacting with my family, showering...) Who thought a teen book could be so captivating? Definately not me.

Flippin' library (yes- the library, again). I'm begining to think that Rapid Reads are the roots of all evil.  Look what they've created - since starting Twilight, the fines on my other borrowed books have escalated because they are due back before I can fully enjoy them because I'm spending all of my time with teenage vampires, warewolves and an accident-prone girl with poor self-esteem. I'm writing Stephanie Meyer a letter and asking for compensation for my library fines. She needs to be held responsible for distributing books containing addictive chemicals in the binding glue. I'm sure she'll understand....

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