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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Quotations

Original  Print Date: Thursday August 6, 2009 by Andrea for Vervain Designs

Tonight I am bogging up the library with requests for -if you can believe it - more sewing/idea books. Instead of sewing. But at least I'm not spending a fortune on these same books on amazon or at Chapters.

See, here's what I do: I look up the books that I love on amazon and then I find them at my local library. It's great - you can read all of the sewing (...) books you want and it cost you nothing. Well, except the late fees - but if you're like me, on a monthly basis these only really add up to the cost of one of the books if you had gone to Chapters instead of the library.

This, my little friends, is a technique I like to call being economically minded, one of my super human talents. Please, don't be jealous. If, unlike me you are a "normal person", you could probably enjoy the same pleasures - minus the fines - if you simply remember to "return" your books on time. This could probably be easily mastered with the use of a "calender" or a piece of "scrap paper". But where's the drama in that??

My problem here is that I grow "attached" to the books I love, and, well, I don't want to give them back... And there's just not enough time in a working Mom's day to scan everything (or the legal freedom....)  Hail the pirate nation!! Plus, as an added bonus, the librarians get to know you by name. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I'm sure it's because of my "love for reading" and not my

...outstanding books and fines...

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Andrea on Third Street said...

It's funny - I'm looking back through our posts to see what books we've mentioned so I can include them in the aStore we are setting up for our readers. Why? So that "they can spend a fortune" at retail book stores. Does this make me a hypocrite? I still encourage everyone to take advantage of the wealth of books available at their local book store, but some people really want to own their books. Especially if they are sewing books and they have templates and patterns that you can't really use from library loans. Trust me, they really frown upon patrons who cut their books. Hypocrite? When at least I can explain myself.


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