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Demetri Martin

Monday, November 23, 2009

Third Street Salvage Yard :: Project Mayhem

Christmas is fast approaching and the orders are pouring in!  Busy, busy.  CRAZY BUSY!  We have a ringette girl we're doing for Sue (my friend from wok), a Kat for our friend Katherine's friend, a monkey, lamb, and spunky girl for a friend of Sonia's from High School, a monkey/little sister for our little sister Amy....  And a two day craft fair in less than two weeks.  And this is just what's coming to the surface of my mind.  We have more things written down that I've likely blocked from my conscience as a coping strategy.  Plus, today is Shawn's first day back to work - an ordeal in and of itself, which I previously described in this blog.  Plus, tomorrow I'm officially a year older - a fact that I'd prefer to ignore entirely, but there will be cake and hopefully some presents, so I guess I'll acknowledge it.  You know, for the kids...

Don't get me wrong - I'm totally psyched about all the orders!  I just hope Sonia and I can keep up with one another's manic pace.   

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