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Monday, November 9, 2009

Third Street Salvage Yard :: A Little Lacy

Sonia and I love to use upcycled materials of all kinds in our work and actually spend a lot of time at thrift stores looking for garments and materials that we can salvage for our dolls.  We've found that the dolls we've made in the past from upcycled fabrics have a special flair that renders them hopelessly endearing.  Maybe we're biased?  Hey, it's great to love what you do, right? 

As usual, I digress.  My wonderful parents visited yesterday - yes, they braved the germ house despite the big red cross I had painted on the front door to ward off unsuspecting visitors of our sickly state.  Don't worry, I made them burn their clothes before they left, for their own safety.  Anyways, my ever loving mother - always on the lookout for second hand goodies - brought over a big box FILLED with ribbon, binding, and trim or various types that she had snagged for Sonia and I from her work.  Lucky, I know!! 

Also, there's this cute little bonnet that I found in the midst.  It looks like an old fashioned night cap like the ones from Little House on the Prairie, where all of your hair is tucked up inside except for those few irresistible stray curls that simply refuse to be corralled.  At least that's what I think it is...  I tried to get My Sweet to model it for you, but no luck there.  Jules is in bed, and my curls are just too orderly for that sort of thing.  Right.  Anyways, Jules will love it, I'm sure. 

In thanks to our considerate Mom, I offer these little glimpses.  One thing about sick kids: they're always up for a snuggle! 

Good night !!


Anonymous said...
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Pam said...

There is a convenience store in Lakeside that is going out of business and they have clothes for $1.00 each. Perhaps you can check it out for materials for your dolls. It's attached to a pizza shop and there is another restaurant next to it. If you need better directions, call me...


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