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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Behind the Brush :: Commissions

On occasion, people have presented me an idea, concept, or color scheme, commissioning me to paint for them. I always feel flattered, nervous and excited. I love to paint, and commissioned work is a great opportunity to paint large pieces without the personal investment.

This three canvas painting was one of the first commissioned pieces I ever painted. A friend, who recently purhcased a new home wanted a large piece with Japanese flair. He wanted it to look like it was a section from a much larger painting, like part of a puzzle.

Inspired by love creating new life, this piece was painted with no brushes, just my fingers and acrylic paint. I love the way acrylic paint moves and dries on a canvas.

A few years ago, my friend Heather and her husband Pat started a Realty company, Plumbline Realty. Both Christians, Heather and Pat wanted a painting for their board room that reflected their "upright" name.

This next piece was a particular challenge. Not because of the painting, but because of the space it was going to fill. The person commissioning this piece had a narrow wall that connected two rooms, that had a light switch in the middle of it. Presented with a decorating obstacle, she wanted a piece to help make the rooms look larger and connected, needing something to camouflage the light switch placed dead center on the wall. This piece helped give the illusion of a wider space and connected the color schemes for the two room.

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Andrea on Third Street said...

Wow, Sonia! I hadn't seen some of these pictures before they went to their buyers, I'd only heard you describe them. I love them all! Well done!


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