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Demetri Martin

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Jumping Crow on Third Street

Good morning! I love the way my tea looks just after I pour in the milk. Yum.

Did I mention Shawn and I got a new Camera?  Hmmm.

Today was our Jumping Crow on Third Street shopping party - a private showing we held for friends and family. We were inspired to do this after Sonia's friend Tawny (who is six months pregnant with her first child!) contacted us to let us know that she was coming home from Ontario and wanted to buy a few dolls and take a look at our other things, as well. Seeing an opportunity, Sonia (ever the enterprising gem) and I (the lackadaisical go-with-the-flow'r) decided to bake some goodies, invite some friends and - after engaging our good friend Ashton of The Jumping Crow - call it a party!

We had lots of visitors - including Tawny, some scintillating conversation and yummy sweets.  A good time was had by all.  Plus I had a chance to wear my new dress and heels!  So unlike me, it makes me giddy.  Why didn't I get a picture of that?!??  Check out the above picture here for tags.

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