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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Growing up many of us had someone like an older cousin or a neighbor that we held in great esteem. Someone you looked up to with little kid admiration and love.

In our world, this person was our Aunt Blanche. Blanche is our mother's youngest sister and when Sonia and I were young girls she came over from Newfoundland to live with our family.

Blanche was just a young woman then - pretty, stylish, smart, fun (much as she remains to this day, of course). She had boyfriends, wore makeup, and chewed gum. When I was little, amongst my many imaginings I believed that grown-ups would eventually grow down to my size. I used to make Blanche promise that when she grew down to my size that she would let me wear all her awesome clothes. I had a particular fancy for a pair of burgundy pajamas she was fond of wearing.

And Blanche was our very own - she loved us, played with us, and took care of us. Blanche has a great laugh and always laughed a lot. I remember she used to hide in doorways in the hall and j ump out to scare us all the time and then she'd hug us while we all laughed. She played games with us and let us sit with her during grown up card games to help play her hand. She took us for walks and berry picking and played with us in the snow.

She listened to cool music like the Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, and Nazareth and she took us to do awesome things like rollerskating and to the theatre to see movies. Plus she could sing really well and knew the words to all the songs Dad liked to play on guitar. Whenever Dad would play Sing Me Back Home I remember I would cry. It's a sad song. Blanche would always dance slowly with me up in her arms during this song. It's amazing how something so small can mean so much and stay with you for so long.

Plus she was a friend and a support for Mom and Dad, something that I can now recognize for its true value. She helped take care of us and helped with the housework so everyone had more time to do fun things together.

Recently, while taking inventory of our dolls for the upcoming Fall craft season, Sonia and I decided that many of the dolls we have in our Big Sister collection were worthy of separate distinction on account of their advanced sense of style. And what better way to signify this beauty than to honor these special dolls with the name that exemplifies class in our eyes? Hence the Blanche Collection was created. 

Blanche Dolls have more defined faces and wear detailed attire and accessories. The are sophisticated and fun and ready to take on the world!

And in honor of the new collection, we have listed these two all new Blanche Dolls in the Third Street Corner Store on Etsy.

Pop by the shop for a closer look at these sweeties. 

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your Auntie Blanche sounds like a real pistol! And the dolls are magnificent.


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