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Monday, July 11, 2011

Is she talking about food again??

I love cinnamon. Love it. And while I know that it comes as little shock to you that I love foods and drinks of this sort of spicy genre - please don't let her talk about chai tea again! - I feel it necessary to continually bring this love affair to light.

Let's face it: chocolate gets all the fame. As delicious as chocolate is, if taste sensation was a sport (isn't it?) chocolate would certainly prove to be a ball-hog. And the little bugger would always get picked first - but that's a separate issue.

Point? Be true to yourself. Just sayin, if chocolate was jumping off a bridge...

Actually, that's not the point. The 'point' is my most recent discovery: Farmers Homespun Sticky Bun ice cream. Yum!!
Disclaimer: For everyone's with all of my past discoveries, readers are strongly advised to refrain from pointing out a newly discovered item's longstanding existence prior to my discovering it.
Just the other day, I said there needed to be a cinnamon-y ice cream. Et, voila! This little piece of heaven landed upon my cone - creamy vanilla ice cream made even better with brown sugar swirls, bursts of cinnamon, and (pause for effect.......) ooey gooey pieces of sticky bun to savour! It's a desert in and of itself.

Plus it comes on a cone - and we all now that only the best foods come on cones.

And the best part: you can buy it in tubs at the grocery store to bring home with you. Ideal for the sort of ice cream love affair best suited to late night rendezvous in shadowy corners of the kitchen. Because if we've learned anything from ice cream, we all know that it's important to take relationships to the next level...

Try it. I assure you - you will not find yourself in further need of chocolate. Well, for about five minutes, anyway...


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