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Demetri Martin

Monday, June 13, 2011

Shadows and Silhouettes

Yes, it's been a while. Yes, I'm here, in semi-hiding.

Rest assured - I'm slowly resurfacing.

There have been many changes around here - new house, new town, new job, new babysitter. Less time for blogging and sewing...

Wolfville Harbour

But it seems my creative self is slowly reemerging with flailing fists in an attempt to reclaim its rightful station on my list of priorities. As it turns out, we've been making some renewed progress with the endless unpacking and setting up, and as it becomes less and less smothered by cardboard my desire to make and create is resurfacing.

My fellow Nova Scotian blogger and etsy friend Amy Rubin Flett knows where I'm coming from. The Amy Rubin Flett etsy shop offers a collection of cards and prints featuring original words and images in the tune of "transition, passion, epiphany and beauty". Amy's artistry is an excellent source of inspiration - her miniature stories and messages are poignantly insightful and presented in a natural light devoid of commercial influence. Refreshing.

I especially love this little moment in time courtesy of Amy, as it speaks to my wonderfully irrepressible creativity.

Now if I can just free myself of the extra washer and dryer that are impeding upon my laudry /soon-to-be sewing space... Takers?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Moving to a new place is a HUGE adjustment. I was surprised at just how big, when I moved from Winnipeg to Edmonton. It definitely takes time to recreate life patterns again.

amy rubin flett said...

what a lovely post, and so nice to see you back on the blog! thanks for the nice words. good to see you again!


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