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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Busy Little Sewing Elves

Sonia and I have been busy sewing our little elf slippers off these past couple of weeks.  I'm pleased to say that the last of our Christmas orders is complete and awaiting pick up!!  In between orders we've also been working on handmade Christmas gifts for our family and friends.  Unfortunately, my big plans to make a puppet theatre and puppets for Funny Guy, Alright and Big Squirt (and Dream Girl by association) has been put on hold.  This stinks - and I know that if I didn't sleep or eat between now and Christmas I could probably get it done.  Maybe.  Of course all of our Christmas creations are still secrets (coy little elves that we are) but we will share some of them after the holidays.  Mainly so you can all tell us what nice work we've done!!!  But seriously, the stocking Sonia made for Dream Girl is brag worthy, not to mention blog-worthy.

Plus we've been listening to lots of Christmas music while we sew.
Fa la la la la
La la la la
This is the one time of the year that Sonia gets to pick out the music we listen to.

Yes, Sonia - I know you were the one who told me about Sarah McLachlan coming to Halifax in the Spring.  Yes - you got us our tickets.  Yes it will be awesome. 

You do not have bad taste in music.  But you do frequently have bad taste in radio stations that I have to remedy whilst sewing so as to prevent myself from sewing my ears to the table.

And don't pretend that listening to Christmas music isn't just your sick way of making me listen to Michael Buble and co. 

Only 4 more sleeps til the big day!!!  How will you be spending your time?

Last Christmas I gave you my heart......

Sonia is trying to kill me. 


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