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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Craft Village

This past weekend was The Christmas Craft Village at Exhibition Park here in Halifax.  This was our first time doing a show of this size, which was very exciting.  

Setting up our booth was challenging as we suddenly had so much space to work with ... and to fill.  Luckily our father is amazing - as always - and helped out with our display by making us even more props.  We were able to showcase all of our wares beautifully with these new crates he built especially for this show.  

We had all of our Third Street gear on hand.  Christmas sleds, tree ornaments, and quilted runners were joined by our new Christmas and winter dolls.  Dolls, balls, binkies and bibs were there, as well as our newest original design hand embroidered onsies.  Dad's doll furniture was also available for sale, including rocking chairs, table and chairs, and a darling little bed.

Third Street was pleased to be sharing space with tons of talented crafters and artisans and we were happy to have time to catch up with some of our awesome crafter friends.

We had the added pleasure of showing alongside Jerry Walsh's Distinctive Garden Accents featuring beautiful rustic bird houses (nesting boxes), bird feeders, bat houses, squirrel houses and signs. Jerry strives to use wood that has been around for a while and has acquired a degree of character including driftwood boards and recycled wood salvaged from structures such as old barns. Many of his pieces are accented by highly skilled decorative painting used to highlight the natural beauty of the wood (compliments of Jerry's wonderful wife - a talented tole painter amongst other things - whom we also had the pleasure of meeting).
Be sure to swing by Jerry's site for Christmas ideas for the nature and bird lovers on your holiday shopping list.

We were visited by many friends during the show, some of whom even brought us treats. Thanks K :)

As well, we completed several dolls including this little guy - our very first Action Figure / Super Hero.  Since this photo, "The Shocker" has acquired a utility belt and the idea for a cape is brewing.  He also has a new POWerful friend who has yet to be photographed.  I will try to get photos of the other lovelies to share with you all in the next little bit.


my spare time design said...

Congratulations! It's great that you had such a wonderful experience and shared it with so many creative people....only wish I could have attended...we were down the second week of October to see our new grandson and I of course was looking for something like this!!!
Happy Holidays!

Andrea on Third Street said...

Well hopefully we'll see each other another time? I'm not sure where we'll be next but I'll post once I know.


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