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Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Life Skills, with Sonia

A tidy linen closet, I've decided is overrated.  While I'm sure there are you tube video's on how to properly fold fitted sheets, I am choosing to fold them (into a ball) and smooth the top, as I have been.  Ignorance is bliss as they say and cover of homemaker magazine I will never be.

Now that I'm a mom, though, I've had this strange desire to work on my domestic skills in the kitchen.  While eating lunch on Sunday, I decided I'd do some baking while DreamGirl napped.  After a quick review of the supplies in the cupboard and fridge, I discovered I only had two eggs, a little bit of butter and that my husband had eaten almost the whole bag of chocolate chips.   I flipped though some cook books and narrowed down what I could make, given the limited stuff I had available.

I banged out a batch of chocolate chip cookies, there were just enough chocolate chips and butter to make it happen.

What I'm most proud of is the apple pie.  I've never made a pie in my life, not ever.  My husband loves pie and I was feeling the love.  We had lots of apples in the fridge and pie crust in the freezer (strange I know, but my husband likes to make pumpkin pie from time to time).  I combined two recipes, a Brown Betty recipe from Company's Coming Deserts cook book and my husband's mothers Apple Crisp recipe and used the baking instructions on the box.  Here's the beauty!

I made my husband and DreamGirl promise they would tell me it was amazing no matter how bad it turned out.  It was actually good though!  Yummy in fact.  Maybe next time I'll take a stab at actually making pastry. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Just FYI, Martha Stewart was on Oprah yesterday and she demonstrated how to fold a fitted sheet. It looked very complex. And in other breaking news, Oprah sent Martha a couple of notes while she was in prison but never actually visited her. Unlike Rosie O'Donnell, who walked the walk AND talked the talk. Whew! It was like watching a soap opera.

Andrea on Third Street said...

I can contest to the yumminess of the cookies!


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