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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Santa's Halloween Costume

My four year old daughter has an amazing imagination and an inquisitive mind that never fails to fascinate.  The other day she asked her father what Santa Claus was going to dress up as for Halloween.  This just cracked me up!

As mentioned before, we've started making Halloween dolls.  And yes, they are actually dolls dressed up for Halloween - not just our usual dolls lying about in random stages of dismemberment displayed in ketchup.   Because that's just gross.  Who would even think of such a thing?  You my friend, have problems.

Anyway ... I've completed the finishing touches on one of the dolls.  He's a sort of ghoulish combination between our dolls and our Modern Monsters.  He will hereby be known as :

Monster Boyfriend of and Ill-Equipped Seamstress

The witches we've done are still being fitted in their hats, so I'll wait until they're fully completed before posting them here.

The Boyfriend monster and the witches will be listed in our shop upon completion!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Like all monster boyfriends, he needs a haircut, LOL!

Andrea on Third Street said...

Yes... But he's not so sure his ill-equiped seamstress girlfriend can be trusted THAT much with sissors.


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