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Demetri Martin

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Inspiration

Summer is winding down and my life is filled with the joys of my new daughter.  This weekend we celebrate her baptism and her first birthday.  (pictures to follow)

Andrea and I are in full swing at Third Street, amping up production and getting ready for the Holiday season.  We celebrated our forth sale in our Etsy store and received another order for 3 dolls.  It feels great to be getting "back on track", as I've been saying I needed to do for a while now. 

This fall we are creating some Halloween themed dolls.  They are at the embroidery phase, so watch for them in the coming weeks. Inspired by my trip to China, we've begun working on a new collection of dolls that will be available later this fall, Chinese New Year Dolls. These little lovelies will be wearing traditional inspired Chinese gowns, dressed and ready for a party!

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Lyndsay said...

Chinese New Year Dolls! That will be fun! Can't wait too see them!


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