The thing about glitter is if you get it on you, be prepared to have it on you forever. Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.
Demetri Martin

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Things We Say

Things I've said more than once...
  • I never saw the end of that movie, I fell asleep
  • This is the best meal that I've ever had
  • That's a whole other kettle of fish
Sayings I miss...
  • I don't give a care
  • Playing maple leaf
  • Scared out of my wits
Phrases I've never used but think I should...
  • It's so frightfully old-hat
  • It's so ghastly dull
  • That's positively stupendous!
  • Me nerves was rubbed right raw
What sayings and phrases do you find enticing??


Annabelle said...

Here's one that reminds me of Nova Scotia - "Hold my beer and watch this.".

Andrea on Third Street said...

That's definately one that makes me smile.


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