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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Price of Mindful Productivity

No matter how potentially horrid your day may look - here's a quick glimpse at what I did when my husband left for work this morning....

Anxious to finish up the laundry, I left the kiddos with Arthur and I went in and took the clothes out of the dryer and pushed the basket behind me to re-fluff and fold after breakfast. I then loaded the clothes from the washer into the dryer so I could wash another load which would bring me closer to finishing up the laundry. Once the transfers were all made, I then preceded to load the washer with the next load.

I reached behind me and grabbed the load that was freshly laundered and awaiting folding and distribution to the various bureaus and closets in the house...and preceded to reload them into the washer.

When I then turned to grab the basket of clothes awaiting folding ... I was a little bit baffled. I knew I had just unloaded the dryer, and even though I wasn't going to get these clothes folded till after breakfast, I wanted to bring them out the the dining table where I fold clothes so they'd be handy after clean-up.  You know - so I would stay on task and not forget to attend to the laundry. Imagine my surprise when I discovered not a load of clothes but an empty basket.

I quickly scanned the laundry room for a second basket filled with clothes awaiting folding - to no avail. I looked outside the laundry room, because sometimes I move the finished loads out of the room so as to free up space. No basket of clothes there. Hummm...

Then it hit me.  As has been blatantly obvious to you readers from the start of this note, my brainiac inner menace had stricken again. Yes - I had loaded the washer with freshly laundered clothes due for folding. The clothes ready for the wash were still upstairs where I had left them the night before when I was trying to get ahead for the morning laundry finale.

This is what I get for thinking ahead: productivity in its most Andrea-esque form.

I'd like to say I do my best thinking in the morning when everything is still fresh, but I think we can all agree that this is not the case.  Self awareness is supposed to be a good thing, isn't it??  But what if you'd rather not know certain things about yourself?

And most baffling of all:  how did our Moms do it?  Guess they just didn't have blogs devoted to devulging their personal blunders.  Oh, how the times they are a changing.

I have to go now, I'm supposed to be staying on task... 

Have an efficient and productive day, non Andrea-style, please.


Jack said...

This is too funny. Been there, done that!

Regarding our Moms... They didn't have blogs back then but they sure did spend an awful lot of time chatting on the telephone. I know mine sure did!

Andrea on Third Street said...

Thanks Jack - Good to know I'm not the only absent minded mommy!!


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