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Demetri Martin

Friday, April 2, 2010

Our 100th Post, HCA 205th Birthday

Today is the 205th Birthday of Hans Christian Andersen
Google is paying homage with another of their clever logo designs, this time using a series of drawings depicting scenes from "Thumbelina."
I'm particularly partial to this one...

And while we're in a commemorative spirit, might I mention that this is officially our
100th blog post !! 
I know, it would be cooler if it was our 205th post.
Give me a break people. 
And I know it's a bit skimpy of a post ...
bear with me I'm at work and my break is running late for this...

You will be pleased to know that my delay in returning to work went unnoticed. 
I'm thinking of not returing at all this afternoon. 
Teach them to forget about me!


Jack said...

Congratulation on your 100th post!

Andrea on Third Street said...



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