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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day !!

Just a quick note to wish all you lovely readers a very happy
Earth Day !! 

Acrylic on canvas, Sonia Harrod

Earth day is celebrating it's 40th year today - and I think that this will be it's best year yet.  People are generally making more eco-conscious decisions and government is attempting to move toward greener policies.  Things are far from perfect - but as a whole, I think people are improving in their environmental friendliness. 

Optimistic or delusional?  Either way - I hope you all enjoy a very earthy day. 

We've chosen this day to debut our Hand Me Down collection - products made using upcycled materials (fabric, buttons, ribbons, etc).  We presently have both boy and girl dolls, tag balls, and binkies available as part of this collection and there's lots to choose from.

So what the heck - why not celebrate by giving a Hand Me Down doll to someone super special in your life?  Maybe you want to go for a walk to enjoy all of nature's splendor and are looking for a quiet companion to sway alongside in the breeze.  I have just the guy/gal for you!

Stay tuned for more news on our Hand Me Down collection (yes, my pretties, there's more to come!).  But in the meantime, why not take a look at some pictures we've assembled for your viewing pleasures?

Check out our shop (bear in mind that we are still in the process of listing new items) or contact us to order.

Hey - it's our blog.  We can exploit our Green selves if we want to.


Banana Bottoms said...

Love the dollies in the cupboard. They look quite comfy :)

Jack said...

Outstanding job! I love the one with the little red shawl... such a cutie :)

Andrea on Third Street said...

Thanks, ladies!


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