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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Millinery Magnificence !!

When Sonia and I are adding the final touches to our dolls, we often go a little girly with the details, adding flowers, wraps, hats, ribbons, buttons – you name it. I often joke that our dolls have much better fashion sense than I do, but this is unfortunately not a difficult task. Both Sonia and I have stated on numerous occasions that we wished we had clothing or accessories befitting our dolls. I mean, wouldn’t it be great to run errands with an eye catching felt flower in your hair or a smashing hat that just makes you feel pretty on a chilly day?

The answer, my friends, is The Hat Junkie.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia-based Anna Shoub (The Hat Junkie) is a fellow blogger and crafter who also has a soft spot for embellishment. Only she designs fashion accents for real live girls. And by girls I mean us - the lovely ladies of the world!

With artistry and charm, Anna
introduces us to a style “where old fashioned handmade hats meet modern day comfort and practicality.”

I’m beginning to think that there really and truly is a hat for every girl out there, and am convinced that you will find the one for you among Anna’s creations.

Anna has a huge selection of hats, headbands, fascinators, berets, fedoras, cloches for you to try on in her Hat Junkie Etsy shop and on her web site. We also finder her blog rather captivating, but then again, we have pretty sophisticated taste.

Oh, and note to self (and readers, too!):  Anna also makes hats for kids!


hatjunkie said...

You guys are the best. Thanks so much for this great feature. Happy Hatting, Anna

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What talent! I will be checking this shop out....hopefully they fit my giant head and mounds of hair...:)


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