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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Etceteras :: Militant Irony :: In My Wildest Dreams

Well folks, It's time for this week's Etceteras topic. 
I've chosen In My Wildest Dreams and am running with a militant irony theme.

The following is my entry for this week, just to kick things off.
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I look forward to visiting all participanting blogs for a lesson in sarcasm.

In My Wildest Dreams
Never in my wildest dreams do I ever want to become a member of any group promoting the conservation of anything. Things are supposed to get old you know, so we can remember them and study them. 

Otherwise, how are our children ever going to fall asleep in history class like we did? As you know, sleep is essential to adolescent mental development.  We don't want our kids to grow up stupid now, do we?

Also, if we conserve everything, they won't be able to make historically inaccurate movies, and then what will people do on random Friday nights when they have an itch to learn about the history they missed out on in high school?

I think it's time we all become more responsible and started thinking about our future and the future of our children.

But not their children.  That would just make us old.  And nobody wants to get old.


Meg said...

haha very cute! i never fell asleep in history class... usually just biology.

Anonymous said...

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