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Monday, January 11, 2010

I Got a Feeling

The other night while my Sweetest and I were sitting at the table digesting our supper, I found myself happily engrossed in the domesticity that has become my daily life.  Surrounded by half eaten supper plates and splashes of milk, in a room littered with toys, discarded socks, escaped dryer sheets and fingerprints of unknown origins smearing every surface - all highlighted by a score of giggles and pattering feet - I felt completely at home

I love that my family is entering a phase where my husband and I can sit for a few minutes following supper pondering the day's events while our children entertain themselves - and us - by running from room to room playing tag and laughing like the little goof balls that they've become. 

So with this good feeling fresh in my mind and at the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I've composed a list of things that I love.

  • The way my kids look when they're sleeping. 

  • Eddie Vedder's voice.

  • The way people I love smell.  Weird, I know. 

  • The way my dog reacts to his own farts.  Always makes us laugh, poor bugger!

  • Snuggling.  Especially with my kids after they've been sleeping and are still super cuddly warm.

    • People who share my sense of humor.

  • My husband's unconditional love.  Well, that and so much more.

  • People who mind their manners.  Seem simple enough, right?

  • Hot chocolate, chai latte and tea.  With and without Baileys.

  • My mom's cooking.  And how much she loves us.

  • Watching my children learn new things.

  • Silent reading.  We all hated it in elementary school, but now it's not so bad.

  • The funny things my kids say.  Especially when they're being serious.  Example: To my 3 year old "Thanks, Sweetheart" to which she replies "You're welcome, Sweetheart."  So sweet it's sickening, right? 

  • Childhood logic, but only when it's not directed at me.  I don't have the brains for that.  Example: Upon cleaning my little girl up after using the potty I tell her to wash her hands, to which she replies "I don't need to, you did it.  My hands not get dirty."  Almost convincing enough.

    • Hugs from my father.  And 'That Ol Fishing Hole.'
    And especially,

  • Hearing my children giggle in their sleep.  It's pure magic.

    •   Write a comment below and share what you love most of all.  Just because something we love MOST OF ALL is... YOU !!


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    I love it with all my heart!!

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