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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Case of the Missing Tea Bag

Every tea drinker has had the debate: what do you do with the tea bag once it's done steeping?  Leave it to dry out in the sink?  They always look so dirty and discarded.  Set it aside on the saucer (do you even use a saucer)?  The old trusted squeeze and toss? 

Personally, I like my tea strong.  I like to leave my tea bag steeping throughout the entire caffeine escapade.  Call me loyal.  Or sentimental.  Crazy?  I want each tea bag to reach its full potential and I'm here to receive everything that little baby has to offer.  No squeeze, toss and forget for my little flavors. 

Yes.  Crazy.  Just a little bit....

Recently I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Meet me at Mikes by Melbourne, Australia's  Pip Lincolne.  Pip had an intriguing post about this very topic.  At the time I didn't really give this phenomenon much thought aside from an inner chuckle recalling the times we dumped our tea bags in Mom's sink to get a rise out of her...

That is, until this afternoon when I found myself on a hunt for my missing tea bag.  Dum dum dum!

After my afternoon tea, I settled down with the kiddies to watch the new Alvin and the Chipmonks movie - which I begrudgedly (not a real word) admit was a little cute - with my empty tea cup awaiting final deployment on the end table next to me.

Called away from the movie to address a Facebook emergency at my parent's house I soon saved my favoured tea cup from a dismal fate when I rescued it from the clutches of Funny Guy, Alright.  Only to find....

My tea bag was MIA!  Well, missing post-action if you want to get technical.  And it was nowhere to be found.  I, of course, searched high and low for my missing comrade, but it was to no avail.  The bag was gone.

My day went on with other things, my tea bag thrust to the back of my mind (shocking, I know).  Later, while enjoying these lovelies from Kireei with my daughter, I asked her if she knew what Funny Guy had done with my tea bag.  Being the reliable person in our household, she lead me to the long-abandoned bag lying in a puddle of cold tea in our sun room. 

It was, of couse, with much ceremony that this tea bag was then discarded. 

Not really.  That would seriously be crazy.

Which I am not, by the way.


hatjunkie said...

I'm so glad you solved the mystery. Might have been a sleepless night. I too like my tea to steep to its utmost caffeine potential so it just stays in the whole time.

CupCakeCutie said...

Your most made me smile on this very cold winter night. Thank you! I too leave the tea bag in till the very end of the cup!

Third Street said...

I knew I wasn't alone in this! And yes, I would have been up all night with worry. Poor little tea bag all alone in the world...


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