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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Third Street Salvage Yard :: Photo Soiree

Back in November, Sonia and I decided to have some fun with my new camera by photographing some of the things we had yet to capture for our photo archives. Most of those photos have since made it to our flickr group and a few have made appearances here on our blog.

On a highly amateurish scale I enjoy digital photography and playing with digital imaging programs. Our new Canon SLR is fairly advanced, allowing you to control aspects such as exposure time, resolution and aperture (and a million other things I can only pretend to know about). While these features fascinate me, I find it very hard to find the time to learn what exactly they mean and how to manipulate them. Hence, I take snapshots with a really nice camera and leave the actual photography to my lovely and skilled husband. I do, however, enjoy fooling around with Picnik.
So after our little soiree I went home with lots of Picniking potential.  I wanted to show off a few of my favorites here, because, well... I can   I know you are all dying to see them   It's 1:00 and I can't sleep  I have to have some excuse for all of the "work" I've done. 

Are you game ??

Dancer.  Show girl.  Not afraid of cough drops or UV rays.

My car.  Okay, my brother in law's.  He won't let me drive it...

I love this. 
I want waffle goggles that make the world look like this all the time. 
That or hallucinogenic drugs.

How I would feel wearing my waffle goggles.

Sonia giggling as I try to maneuver in my goggles. 
Much like me in heels.
Consider yourself lucky if you don't already have a mental image...

Speaks for its self.

Now I'm going to bed hopefully to dream about rainbow ponies and cinnamon swirls.

If we're not back before he comes, make sure to leave Santa some yummy cookies.  Yeeees, and carrots for the hungry reindeer. 

Have happy holidays !!

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